Taste the rich flavor of lamb raised as it should be. The heritage breed lambs of Verdant Hare graze on grassy pastures and are fed quality hay and alfalfa. They have room to roam, shade to lay in, and sun to bask in. The lambs are an integral part of the holistic grazing methods employed on the farm, improving the land as they slowly move across it. 

Low-stress livestock handling leads to healthier animals and tastier meat. Skilled mobile butchers dispatch the lambs on the farm swiftly. They are then taken to the butcher shop to be professionally cut, smoked, ground, and wrapped to your specifications. Once your lamb is processed, you pick it up from the butcher shop and take it home to enjoy.

  • $150 deposit

    Processing ($130) + $7 per pound hanging weight due at time of pick up from the butcher.

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