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Verdant Hare

Whitney Jacques - Northwest Farmer and Shepherdess 

Whitney Jacques' path to farming in Eastern Washington began in 2010, rooted in a childhood immersed in the natural landscapes of Alaska. This early connection with the outdoors shaped her commitment to sustainable agriculture and community health.

Dedicated to producing organic, nutrient-rich foods, Whitney champions a holistic approach to farming. She believes in not only growing food but also in nurturing community well-being through education about sustainable food systems. Her passion extends to teaching others about the origins and impacts of their food choices, aiming to foster a more informed and connected community.

When not managing the fields, Whitney's commitment to sustainable practices continues. In Spokane’s South Hill, she and her family run Verdant Hare, focusing on responsibly raising grass-fed sheep for wool, hides, and meat. This endeavor reflects her broader commitment to environmental stewardship and ethical farming.

As the driving force behind the farm, Whitney balances her time between cultivation, management, and education. She takes pride in being more than just a farmer; she's a community builder and an advocate for sustainable living. Whitney is proud to serve her community, committed to enriching lives through the nurturing power of nature and agriculture.

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